Nissan’s New Pop-Top Campers Are All-Electric, Ready to Party

And they start at just $25k

August 10, 2018 9:00 am

On their face, electric vehicles don’t seem suited for backcountry adventures.

They’re heavy. They need time to charge. They can’t go very far.

But Nissan’s working diligently toward addressing that problem, having just debuted a pair of colorful, zero-emissions pop-top campers. The e-NV200 is completely electric (backed by a 40kWh battery), while the slightly more spacious NV300 is a hybrid. Both come with plenty of sleeping space, a kitchen, outdoor racks and a heater.

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And, importantly, the e-NV200 can travel 124 miles on a charge. How would that berth translate across different regions of the country? Picture: New York City to the Catskills, Los Angeles to Santa Barbara, San Francisco to Sacramento, or Chicago to Milwaukee.

Obviously, that isn’t a ton of ground covered. Not to mention a full charge takes seven hours, so … make sure you trust whoever’s on Google Maps. Still, compared to the recently-announced electric Winnebago, which promises just 85-125 miles, the vehicles represent a step in the right direction.

Especially when you consider the price: they’re a chip shot at the moment, with a base cost of $25K, plus an additional $7K to build the proper adventure conversions. And who can argue with those kaleidoscope palettes on the exterior?

Find more info here on the release, and keep your eyes peeled for these pups to ship Stateside. As of now, they’re confined to buyers in Spain.

All images from Nissan

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