Airstream Announces Basecamp 20 and Basecamp 20X

Each one sleeps 4 and costs less than $50,000

Airstream Basecamp 20
The Basecamp 20.

Airstream’s Basecamp series of trailers have become favorites among campers for their quality and excellent design. And during a time when more and more Americans are embracing camping due to its relative safety during the pandemic — as well as the vehicles that can come with it —  it’s not all that shocking to hear that Airstream recently announced two new Basecamp models.

Writing at Robb Report, Martin Lerma has the details on Airstream’s Basecamp 20 and 20X. Lerma describes the Basecamp 20 as, essentially, an expanded version of the popular Basecamp 16. And, based on Lerma’s description, the new models sound meticulously designed:

Designed with a lower profile and aerodynamics in mind, the new exterior has been refashioned to reduce wind-resistance possible. The engineers even took the liberty of rounding the front end of its aluminum body to eliminate any vacuum between car and camper. To ensure maximum durability, the camper has been constructed from three separate pieces with an aluminum sheath stretched and riveted to structural ribs.

The Basecamp 20X is intended for travelers who do more off-road driving; the differences between it and the Basecamp 20 involve its capacity to negotiate choppier terrain. Both trailers blend functional design with an aesthetically striking look to it. The starting price for each one is just under $50,000 — the Basecamp 20 starts at $45,900, while the Basecamp 20X starts at $48,900. And each has the capacity to sleep 4, though with social distancing concerns still in effect, you might want to wait to test that out.

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