New Services Embrace Delivering Rental RVs to Campgrounds

One part Airbnb, one part camping

Ever want to stay in an RV or trailer without owning one?
Dan Meyers/Unsplash

Since the pandemic began in 2020, it’s upended a lot of ways in which people traveled, worked and lived. One of the most high-profile signs of all three was the uptick in demand for RVs and trailers — one that suggested that a lot more people were embracing this method of travel and the idea of spending more time on the road.

But what about the RV-curious — someone who likes the idea of being able to park at a campground but have all mod cons at one’s disposal, but isn’t necessarily up for purchasing an RV or trailer outright? Well, as it turns out, a growing number of companies have identified that as an opening in the market, and are making their moves accordingly.

A new article in the Los Angeles Times explores the work being done by companies like Outdoorsy and RV Share. The article describes the latter as “a company that operates like Airbnb for RVs.” (Though it’s also worth noting that one can find trailers on Airbnb itself — a quick search turned up this vintage trailer in the Catskills, for one.

What differentiates the services covered in the Times article is the ability of some of them to deliver trailers or RVs directly to a campground. Different campgrounds have different rules about RV delivery; as the article notes, what the rules governing RV delivery in Yellowstone aren’t the same as their counterparts at Yosemite.

It’s an interesting wrinkle on a time-tested method of travel — and, for someone looking to try out RV life, it doesn’t sound like a bad way to test the waters.

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