The “Flying Bum” Will Be the World’s Largest Aircraft, Best Meme

Low-emission and spacious, yes, though the Airlander 10 airship's design does earn its nickname

The Airlander 10, a low-emission airship that recently earned renewed attention for its unusual design
The Airlander 10, a low-emission airship that recently earned renewed attention for its unusual design
Hybrid Air Vehicles

Sure, the Hybrid Air Vehicles Airlander 10 could be called “thicc.”

But the voluptuous airship could be the beginning of zero-carbon aviation. The Airlander 10, set to debut in 2025 by HAV and recently earning a “Flying Bum” nickname online, is a customizable, low-emission commercial aircraft that can stay airborne for up to five days. Its four combustion engines will reportedly deliver up to 75% reduction in emissions over comparable aircraft, though a hybrid-electric configuration may push that up to 90%.

As currently configured, the airship will be able to ferry up to 100 passengers, who will have access to panoramic windows and a much quieter trip. While the flights will be much slower than taking a plane, the Airlanders will be able to take off and land on their own level spaces, meaning you may not have to brave a traditional airport to get on one.

Although the ship has a max altitude of 20,000 feet and a 4,000 nautical mile range, HAV believes the ships will best served for shorter city runs, such as Liverpool to Belfast or Seattle to Vancouver.

Still, while HAV has been making a go at the Airlander for years (with some hiccups), recent interest seems to stem from, well, STEM, an engineering Twitter feed that recently put up a rather salacious pic of the aircraft that dated back to 2016.

Can we have a nearly zero-carbon airship in four years that’ll offer comfort, great views and endless meme potential? The future looks promising.

Or, as Vice noted, “It’s always magical to watch the collective consciousness of the internet come to a singular conclusion, and to watch thousands of people be horny online in a way that isn’t creepy. At a time when people all over the world are at odds with each other, this blimp unites us.”

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