Vehicles | February 28, 2017 9:00 am

eBay Lists This as a ‘Trike Car Space Ship UFO’

But WTF is it?

Because the interwebs are crammed full of crazy things, and sometimes the purpose of those things is not immediately discernible, we present WTF Is It?

WTF is it?
A three-wheeled kit car called a Tri-Magnum that has to be registered as a motorcycle.

What’s it do?
Relying on a Honda Gold Wing motorbike for power, the two-passenger vehicle produces nearly 100 HP and is good for short trips, drawing weird looks and blaring Kenny Loggins’ tunes.

Who makes it?
The original Tri-Magnum was introduced in Mechanix Illustrated magazine and DIY kit plans are still available today. This particular model was built over two years, features a body composed of handmade fiberglass and a front suspension from a VW Beetle, and now resides in Virginia.

Is it in any way useful?
It’s not exactly the most versatile vehicle in the world due to its size and inability to handle poor roads, but the 1,200-pound built does have a decent power-to-weight ratio and its distinctive looks and unique canopy door help sell it. That said, no reverse, heat or AC.

WTF Is It (3 images)

How fast can it go?
Honda Goldwings could hit up to 120 MPH, but with the extra weight of the frame, canopy and other components, this puppy likely falls well short of that. Also, its speedometer is broken.

Anything else you think I should know?
If you don’t like attention, this isn’t the three-wheeler for you. “Every time I stop for gas I have to jump out of it and run because it just becomes a barrage of questions and photos,” according to its owner. “When I’m driving people take pictures and video. It’s nuts.”

Should I buy it?
Assuming you don’t mind being the most popular thing on three wheels, go for it. Bidding for the “Trike Car Space Ship UFO” was just north of $3,600 on eBay at press time and expires Sunday evening. Watch this before you make an offer though: