Vehicles | December 5, 2016 9:00 am

These $50k Racetrack Replicas Are Basically Model Trains on All the Steroids

Drive carefully

Certain items are more or less mandatory in a man cave.

A TV larger than 40 inches. Surround sound. A bar. A game of skill that lends itself to money wagering.

We thought that was about it. Then this came along:

An homage to the hill-scaling grand prix races of the ’60s and ’70s, Slot Mods scenic tracks are models of old racetracks meticulously designed right down to the last detail.

The made-to-order tracks comprise a 6’ x 12’ wooden two-lane track with period-appropriate structures, accurate signage, bridges, grandstands and come-to-life natural elements like trees, rocks and grass. Included are six slot cars with two controllers, a lap timing management system and a coordinating PC tablet.

Handcrafted means the tracks take 3-4 months to create. But that should give you plenty of time to talk your better half into the non-negotiable $50k price tag.

via Luxury Launches