Vehicles | September 21, 2016 9:00 am

New Winnebago Is Perfect for a Stakeout, or an Endless Road Trip

Deeply unassuming...on the outside

Any good covert ops specialist will you: There are two rules for successful clandestine activities. One, blend in. And two, and get comfortable because this may take awhile.

It’s good advice for a road-tripper, too. Which is what makes the new Winnebago Paseo so impressive. Quietly impressive. 

Outside, it looks like a standard, boxy Ford van, only much longer. Inside, there’s plenty of room thanks to overhead compartments and a rear dining area that can be easily rearranged to accommodate the tossing and turning of two plus-sized adults. (Not that you’re plus-sized. Figure of speech.)

The back also features floor-to-ceiling doors that provide for shaded outdoor dining and easy loading, and there’s a standard automatic awning that makes for some welcome outdoor shade.

The AV bells-and-whistles include a flat-screen TV. The A/C and heating are powered by 2,800 watt generator, or your can opt for solar.

And because blending in also means leaving a smaller footprint, the Paseo comes with an eco-friendly toilet and Ford EcoBoost engine, which consumes less gas and is substantially quieter.

It’s the van equivalent of walking softly and carrying a big stick.

The Paseo will be released in 2017, and if you’re interested in learning more, visit the website.