Vehicles | December 18, 2017 9:00 am

This Zombie Bronco Throws It Back to the Golden Era of SUVs

The parts are all new. But the body is pure '70s neckbreaker.

Disco can stay dead.

But the Ford Bronco of the mid-1970s — arguably one of the best editions of the iconic SUV — well, we’d be just fine with that staple of the “Me” decade making a glorious return right about now.

Since we may need to wait until 2020 for that to occur, we’re going to content ourselves with ogling this fully loaded ‘76 Bronco, which was recently brought back to life by Velocity Restorations.

76 Bronco (3 images)

To help the classic Bronco meet the needs of the modern enthusiast, the Pensacola-based shop gifted it with a five-liter Ford Coyote engine, 6R80 transmission, Whipple supercharger, custom chassis, A/C system and hand-built front and rear bumpers. Throw in goodies like a custom-designed leather interior and modern, hidden door hinges and a modern sound system, and this lean, green, rock-spitting machine is ready for conquest.