The Best Way to Get a Deal on Sonos Speakers? Go Refurbished.

Rebuilt to be good as new, you’ll save up to $150

Refurbished speakers can net you up to $150 in savings (Sonos)
By Kirk Miller / May 23, 2019 11:07 am

Don’t be scared by the word refurbished.

The better tech companies can rehab used (and that’s usually gently used) devices to be good as new, and you get the bonus of a discount and the safety net of a good warranty.

Given that we love Sonos speakers — nice form, great sound, set-up takes just minutes — any discount is a welcome one. And those are rare, so the company’s new Refurbished Sale means this is a great time to up your home audio game.

To ease your mind, Sonos guarantees comprehensive testing, genuine replacement parts, a one-year warranty and free shipping and returns for their refurbished units.

A few refurbished favorites below. Please note that some products (and/or colorways) are sold out until July 1st.

Sonos One

Sonos One Smart Speakers (Gen 1)

Play 1

Play:1 Speaker

Play 5

Play:5 (their most powerful speaker)



Sonos Sub

Sub Subwoofer

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