Travel | November 1, 2020 5:45 am

The 10 Best Airstreams to Rent on Airbnb

It's glamping season, boys

Best Airstreams to Rent on Airbnb
A Malibu Airstream that puts most homes to shame.

Camping is not a vacation. Yes, you’re escaping the normalcy of your everyday life and temporarily relocating, but there is far too much work involved for it to be considered a vacation in the traditional since. Pitching your own tent, forgoing modern amenities — these activities are practically the antithesis of rest and relaxation, and if anything sound quite stressful.

If you still find yourself hellbent on “becoming one with nature” for your next vacation, at the very least upgrade your camping experience to a version that’s a little more comfortable: glamping. For the unfamiliar, glamping (a.k.a glamorous camping) is essentially camping made easy, eliminating all the annoying aspects and allowing one to be immersed in the great outdoors without sacrificing access to plumbing.

As the activity has grown in popularity, many “glamping” sites have started to pop across the country. But if you still want to maintain that feeling of having struck out on your own, consider glamping in one of the many Airstreams available to rent on Airbnb. The experience strikes the perfect balance of ruggedness and luxury, and proves to be entirely novel.

Below are 10 Airstreams on Airbnb, from a high-end Airstream situated in the Santa Monica mountains to a 1974 Airstream Sovereign Land Yacht right by Ohio River in Kentucky. Happy glamping!


Hip Joshua Tree Desert Airstream

Joshua Tree, California


The Airstream at June Farms

West Sand Lake, New York


Renovated 31′ 1980 Airstream on Open Private Land

Dickson, Tennessee


Happy Camper at Jacob’s Well

Wimberley, Texas


The RhodoDen – Airstream Glamping

Swannanoa, North Carolina


Silver Sequoia Under the Moon and Stars

Portland, Oregon


The Grace Airstream in Derby City

Louisville, Kentucky


Luxury Minted ’76 Airstream Mountain Modern Studio

Missoula, Montana


Glamping Close to Burlington

Saint George, Vermont


Malibu Airstream Eco Retreat Above the Clouds

Malibu, California