Travel | March 9, 2017 9:00 am

At $300 Roundtrip, You Can’t Afford NOT to Go to Barcelona or Stockholm

We hear they're lovely literally every time of year

We don’t remember the last time we saw transatlantic air travel for $303 — including taxes. This morning brought news of East Coast round-trip fares to select European cities — including Barcelona and Stockholm — for precisely that. At that price, you must go. But which city? 

Attractions: If you like architecture and haven’t seen Barcelona’s wealth of Gaudís, there’s no question. Stockholm’s best attraction is the archipelago that surrounds it — offering innumerable opportunities to swim, sail, and paddle … at least when the weather’s nice. 
Edge: Barcelona

Accommodations: Barcelona has a strong boutique hotel scene (our fave: the Serras) but for us, nothing can beat Stockholm’s Grand Hotel
Edge: Stockholm

Dining: As strong as the dining scene is, Stockholm’s no Copenhagen — and Barcelona’s Lasarte just earned its third Michelin star. 
Edge: Barcelona — though disregard if you really, really prefer reindeer meatballs 

Weather: Stockholm in June and July is magnificent. Otherwise….
Edge: Barcelona

Costs: Scandinavia is expensive. 
Edge: Barcelona

Ease of travel: Scandinavia is also very, very efficient. 
Edge: Stockholm

In our accounting, Barcelona wins. To tell you the truth, we’d still book our ticket to Sweden. People are weird. Also, lingonberries.