Travel | March 4, 2016 9:00 am

A Northern Lights Getaway With Four-Star Hotels and … Wolves?

“Wolf Lodge” is exactly what it sounds like

By The Editors

In honor of the National Day of Unplugging, we suggest the following:

Unplug computer. Head to Norway. See Northern Lights ensconced in luxe but appropriately rustic lodgings.

Kiss a real-life wolf.

That brilliant plan, rapacious mammals and all, is now yours for the taking thanks to Off the Map Travel’s new “Night With the Wolves” package.

The brainchild of Off the Map Travel, crafters of “luxury adventure tours,” the new Wolves program has guests spend two nights in a four-star hotel in Norway before heading north to the town of Narvik for an evening at the newly opened, aptly named Wolf Lodge.

Here, you’ll see wolves. Up close and very personal.

The lodge is set inside a wolf enclosure at Polar Park, the world’s northernmost wildlife park and home to assorted wolverines, Arctic foxes, bears, lynx and reindeer. It’s a beautiful rustic retreat, inspired by Norwegian farmhouses and able to comfortably house 10 guests.

The only thing separating you from your wolf friends is a few wooden walls and some oversized windows.

But feel free to get a little closer. These wolves are “socialized,” and there’s always a wolf expert on hand to guide you — which you’ll want when you experience a face-to-face “wolf kiss” (exactly what it sounds like).

As for the Northern Lights: away from the wolves, you’ll travel up Narvik Mountain in a gondola to a different two-floor lodge at the mountain’s summit. Here, you’ll settle down on various viewing platforms “situated for optimal Northern Lights clarity and photography.”  

You’ll want to hurry: while the trip just launched, the best window for seeing the Lights ends this month. And even then, you’ll need clear, dark skies, so nothing’s guaranteed.

Well, except that kiss.

Images from Pål Jakobsen and Off the Map Travel