Science | July 3, 2017 1:47 pm

Watch This Video of Firefighters Rescuing Baby Deer

The animals were saved from a fast-moving wildfire in central Arizona.

For about a week, firefighters have been methodically fighting the Goodwin Fire in central Arizona. But on Monday, their usual day ended up with a bizarre rescue that has gone viral.

Two deer fawns were spotted by members of a hotshot crew fighting the most intense part of the blaze. Kale Casey, a spokesman for the Goodwin Fire incident management team said the two fawns were “disoriented but uninjured right there along the fire line,” according to The Washington Post

Their mom was gone and Casey told The Post that “there was a 100 percent certainty that these fawns were going to die.” So the firefighters sprung into action and grabbed the baby deer and carried them to safety.

Two public information officers who were documenting the firefighting operation captured footage of the rescue.