Los Angeles | August 30, 2017 9:00 am

The Six Boats You Need in Southern California

Unmoor the boat, Gilligan! We’re off!

Do you want to go fishing off Catalina? Waterskiing with a bunch of bikini-clad ladies? Booze-cruising with 42 of your closest mates?

You’ll need a boat, and maybe, as Chief Brody famously said, a bigger one.

As for where to find it? Boatsetter, the nautical Airbnb that just acquired its biggest competitor to expand their SoCal offerings.

Herein, we’ve got the details on six of their best boats, from Paul Allen-sized yachts to sunset schooners.

Don’t let this holiday weekend fool you: summer is far from over.

Nota bene: Speaking of Airbnb, Boatsetter has also partnered with the vacay renters to offer a whale watching trip on September 1st. The two hour trip comes with a captain and beverages.

The Boat: Evil Twin
The Trip: Entry-level fishing trips, swimming
Leaving out of: Long Beach
Captain: N/A
Number aboard: 4
The skinny: This is a 1979 Wellcraft that’s been well-maintained. If you’re looking to do some simple fishing or motoring around the coast, this is a fine and affordable craft. There’s also a dive platform and cabin to escape the heat.


The Boat: The Odyssey
The Trip: A big party, weekend getaway, snorkeling
Leaving out of: San Pedro
Captain: Yes
Number aboard: 42 (sleeps 6)
The skinny: Hatteras makes some of the best yachts in the business, and this one can be used for either a nice-sized party or an overnight trip to the barrier islands.


The Boat: My Bottega
The Trip: Sport Fishing
Leaving out of: Newport Beach
Captain: Yes
Number aboard: 12 (sleeps 2)
The skinny: Have some pretty ladies to take out for a day of drinking and sunning? You want them on this 40-footer. It’s sleek, sexy and hauls ass (pun intended).


The Boat: The Duchess
The Trip: Family Getaway
Leaving out of: Marina Del Rey
Captain: Yes
Number aboard: Six
The skinny: This boat is perfect for taking the family on a trip: comfy, clean and safe. It even has a grill, so you can eat what you catch off the side of the boat.


The Boat: Mr. Beefy
The Trip: Sailing, adventures
Leaving out of: Newport Beach
Captain: Yes
Number aboard: 12 (sleeps 6)
The skinny: Sailing is as much a sport as it is an art, and this catamaran will cut the water with some serious speed and grace. It has kayaks and a dive platform, in case your adventures go beyond sailing.


The Boat: Naut Hooked
The Trip: Sport Fishing, adventuring
Leaving out of: Newport Beach
Captain: Yes
Number aboard: 12 (sleeps 4)
The skinny: This 43-footer comes with stand-up paddleboards, but it’s the livewell, rod holders, outriggers, fish box and spacious cockpit that have us eyeing it for a sport fishing trip. Talking the big lunkers — and this rig has the size and speed to get you to them.