Home & Design | January 5, 2017 9:00 am

Inside the Swanky Doomsday Bunkers of the 1%

If Bruce Wayne listened to Infowars, basically

Preppers have plenty of options: basements, underground storage spaces, caves. 

No matter how accomplished their water storage or off-grid their air conditioners, most prepper lodgings lacked a certain ingredient: Luxury. 

That’s changing. 

Take your favorite right-wing uncle and your favorite left-wing uncle and the one thing they both agree on is probably that the world is about to end. Mix that with the reignition of the nuclear arms race and saber-rattling across the bellicose world, and you have … plenty of reasons to take shelter underground. 

And what a shelter! Vivos xPoint has room for 5,000 people, with 575 bunkers spread across nine square miles. Pro: “the structures were used by the army to store weapons and ammunition.” Con: You’ll be living below the ground in South Dakota (possibly a pro during a regular, non-nuclear winter.) 

Costs? More reasonable than you might expect — since even a luxury bunker is still a bunker, not a Bat Cave. Put down $25K and you’ll have rights to a 99-year lease, renewable annually for another $1,000 fee; additional charges and upgrades can cost $30K and up. 

We say it’s a small price to pay for peace of mind, if you don’t like living in South Dakota so you can be sure of being within reach of the bunkers when the sh*t hits the fan. Uncoincidentally, the units are expected to be ready next summer.