Home & Design | February 27, 2017 9:00 am

This Hunting ‘Shack’ Has a Porch, King-Size Bed

Well, doesn't this look cozy?

For those seeking permanent or temporary alternatives to traditional living, we’ve previously presented tiny houses, converted vans and even floating dorms as viable housing choices.

To offer a new option, we humbly submit another alternative housing sub genre: hunting shacks.

The first offering from the Tiny House Building Company’s new shack division, the 16-foot Alpine features walls and ceilings made from yellow pine, loft space with enough room for both a king- and twin-sized bed and a front porch that’s tailor-made for whittling or practicing spittoon skills.

Alpine Hunting Shack (6 images)

With a full living room, kitchen, bathroom and windows galore, the Alpine is customizable and can be upgraded with options like electric heating and cooling systems, a propane heater, stove, ceiling fans and a solar power system complete with a generator to allow off-the-grid living.

Towable by 3/4-ton and larger vehicles (Subaru Outbacks, Ford F250s, etc), the hunting shacks start at around $25,000 and builds typically take three to four months.

Providing a mounted moose head is on you, Mr. Crockett.