Gear | December 7, 2016 9:00 am

Jet Fighter Cycling Glasses Seek Testers

Inquire within.

Whether dodging cars in Manhattan or navigating a tricky single-track trail, you have, at some point, fancied yourself a fighter pilot while atop your bicycle.

And now there are smartglasses to make that effect all the more realistic.

On the surface, the Everysight Raptors look like a pair of unassuming cycling glasses. Put them on and activate their features, though, and you’ve got fighter a pilot-like display and feedback in front of your eyeballs.

But instead of being developed by a cycling or wearable tech company, these are the creation of Elbit Systems, “the largest defense technology company in Israel and market leader in advanced fighter jet and rotary wing helmet mounted display systems.” Meaning: you can trust these guys to live up to their high-flying claims. But you don’t have to take our (or their, or anyone’s) word for it.

You can test them out before they hit the market.

Everysight is still working out the kinks on their prototype, and need test pilots to provide a larger range of feedback. As long as you’re over 18, ride at least three times a week and are in good health, you can apply for the program. Cycling style doesn’t matter either, so all you urban, mountain and suburban cyclists are encouraged to apply.

Sorry, SoulCyclers.

Currently, the augmented reality glasses provide a spectrum of real-time performance data, including heart rate, speed, time, distance, RPM, map projection and navigation. For those that like to prove you really did bike that far/fast/long, there’s also an accompanying app that collects the data.

What differentiates Everysight from similar cycling technology is their patented BEAM see-through display technology, which overlays all of this information onto the lens without peripheral distractions, eyestrain or obstruction of view. The hope is your experience and performance will benefit without having to sacrifice the ease of your current ride routine.

The test pilot application is open until December 23rd.

Tell your cycling club. Or be their envy.

Your choice.