Upside to Toys ‘R’ Us Closing? Discounted Apple Products.

A once indomitable kingdom of Game Boys and super soakers has begun liquidating inventory in 735 stores across the States.  

We speak, of course, of Toys “R” Us, which announced the end of its 70 year run last week. The blow has some meaning for everyone (really, who can’t remember shopping for a birthday present at Toys ‘R Us?) and is far-too-real for the company’s 31,000 workers … all soon to be laid off.

One positive to be gleaned: a wave of clearance sales seems poised to sweep across the company’s branches. And they might have already begun. AppleInsider recently reported rock-bottom prices for Apple products like Apple TV and the iPad Nano. No guarantee your around-the-corner brick and mortar is doing the same, but give it a try. Similar sales ought to follow in the upcoming weeks and months as the company figures out which branches it might be able to sell, and which ones it’s just shutting down.

Take a break from Amazon for a bit. You’ll save some money, get a little exercise, and maybe bring back a few memories.