Food & Drink | October 6, 2016 9:00 am

A Day’s Worth of Five-Star Meals From Chef Pierre Tumlin of Hogs & Rocks

One of SF dining's biggest rising stars gives us his picks

No one knows where to eat better than our fair city’s best chefs.

That’s why we created Meal Plan, a day’s worth of blue-ribbon meals, as curated by one of the Bay Area’s top toques.

We’ve previously checked in with Lazy Bear’s David Barzelay on his favorite sandwich at Deli Board, and Mark Dommen of One Market supplied the ultimate day-of-eating in Napa 

Today, Pierre “Rising Star” Tumlin of Hogs & Rocks supplies his picks for a five-star day of dining. Who’s up for a trip to Pacifica?

Breakfast: Plow, Potrero Hill
“Just a few blocks from my house, it’s the quintessential American breakfast. Homemade sausage and pastries, fluffy lemon ricotta pancakes, crispy home fries, smoky bacon and great service topped off with the best hot sauce in town: Youk’s Hot Sauce. It’s definitely a good place to load up for a long day in the kitchen.”

Lunch: Gorilla BBQ, Pacifica
“On my days off, I like to get out of the city and throw my fishing pole in the water. It’s a short drive to Pacifica Piers, where I can sit and decompress from the week and enjoy a hobby of mine. On the way back, I hit up Gorilla BBQ, a small red train car off the highway that serves some of the best BBQ on the West Coast. They have all the good stuff — from hot links, brisket, ribs, pulled pork and a few unique California sides such as grilled zucchini and eggplant. And let’s not forget the sauces — they sell them by the bottle and they are delicious. But you have to get there before they sell out, because when they do they close!”

The snack: Highwire Coffee (or other)
“Snacking for me on work days or days off usually consists of coffee or espresso of some sort. For me, I’m a fan of Blue Bottle (if I’m near one) but will seek out Highwire Coffee’s nitro brewed coffee Howling Wolf at the Ferry Building. The coffee has a light stout beer taste with hints of barley and chocolate.”

Dinner: “Pasta, pasta, pasta!”
“For me, a good bowl of pasta is very satisfying and comforting. Flour + Water in the Mission and Tosca in North Beach are my two favorites. Whether it’s foie gras agnolotti or just a simple spaghetti — these spots do it right.”

Drinks: Smuggler’s Cove (and elsewhere)
“For drinks, it depends on how the night is going; if I’m with a group of friends or a date, a fun spot is Smuggler’s Cove in Hayes Valley or Pagan Idol in the Financial District — you can’t go wrong with some strong tiki drinks!  If it’s a mellow night and I just had a butt-kicking service, I usually hit up my local dive bar, the Blind Cat, in the Mission off of 24th and Treat. They have a great jukebox filled with late ’90s hip hop and metal. And the special of the night — every night — is a tallboy of PBR and a shot of Jameson for $7.”

Photos: Plow by Peter Belanger. Gorilla BBQ via Flickr