Culture | June 11, 2015 9:00 am

Here’s the Scoop.

The six best new ice cream joints in town

By The Editors

If you have not purchased two ice cream cones and strolled the avenues of New York with a lady, you, sir, are missing out.

Or you’re lactose intolerant. In which case, apologies for the insensitivity.

Regardless, it’s a date for the ages. Warm evening, cold treat, idle chat with our fair(ish) city as the backdrop.

And so we picked the six best spots around town to get a scoop. Step right this way to see them.

A city, it bears noting, that — in the opinion of at least one correspondent — currently holds the American Heavyweight Ice Cream Championship belt above its waffle-coned head.

You want hand-packed pints of chocolate mint julep with Kings County bourbon? Done.

You want a heaping scoop of coffee with donut truffle? Deal.

Fear not, lactose-intolerant guy, we’ve got you covered too: vegan ice cream you’d swear wasn’t, served right out of the back of happy yellow trucks all around the city.

Long story short, we’re living in ice cream Xanadu.

So grab a date and go enjoy it.


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