By Shari Gab / May 15, 2018 9:00 am

If the Classic Car Club Manhattan subscribed to Hotel California rules — you can check out, but you can never leave — their members would probably be giddy.

Because beyond the Porsche GT3s and Aston Martin Vantages, the club we like to call “horsepower heaven on the Hudson” just gave itself a radical $4m makeover.

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To celebrate, they’re opening up a new — and more affordable — membership level on June 1st. Club Memberships will run a fella just $180 per month, allowing him access to CCC’s stable of museum-worthy chariots. While that Membership will not permit solo rides, it will garner access to group drives, track days and car rallies all over the globe (think the Baja 100, a rally through Cuba and Germany’s legendary Nurburgring circuit). To boot, the Club Membership includes weekly cultural programming and access to the bar, lounge and restaurant, Chef Jesse Ford presiding.

“Chef Jesse Ford is not only an excellent chef, he’s also done some time as a motorcycle racer,” says CCC co-owner Mike Princinello. “He’s cut straight from the CCC lathe and we’re proud to have one of the best burgers in the city.”

And even if you’re not up for greasy eats and automotive getaways, this is the place boyhood dreams are made of.

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Tucked away upstairs are three state-of-the-art race simulators from Motion Simulation, where you can slide into seats surrounded by 200-degree projector screens with full-motion capability to practice your track skills and even compete with other members. Then it’s off to the classic car-inspired lounge, designed in collaboration with Marc Thorpe.

“We wanted to be as honest as possible with the materials,” says Thorpe. “When it comes to a car or motorcycle, every single thing being used is the highest quality of honesty. It’s pure design, but each piece also serves a function. From exposed structural steel to a massive concrete bar, we let steel be steel, wood be wood, glass be glass. We let materials speak for themselves.”

The execution will make a grown man cry. And that’s before you get to the sweeping Hudson River views.

If you haven’t already hit apply, act now. These vacancies will most go 0-60 in about 2.3 seconds.