Chicago | July 21, 2015 9:00 am

Drinking with Your Coworkers 101

Learn the craft of mixology at Liquor Lab Academy

When it comes to trust falls and other garden-variety team-building exercises, you know exactly what you’re gonna get:

A fall from dignity.

And maybe some cupcakes, if the budget allows it.

Here to help you switch it up: Liquor Lab Academy, a school dedicated to the craft of top-shelf cocktailing, open now and taking corporate accounts.

The Academy comes to us by way of Liquor Lab — which, if you recall — throws legendary secret cocktail parties in unexpected places.

Now, they wanna teach you how to throw your own.

Your objectives: Get an education on spirits. Make a well-balanced Manhattan. Not get too blotto in front of your workmates.

Located in the West Loop with enough room and shakers for 40 barkeeps, the Academy will teach you all the basics of manning the pine, from how to regard Old Fashioneds to why Moscow Mules require their own mug.

And if that wasn’t incentive enough: when you a book a class, you get a membership to Liquor Lab on the house.

That’s a free in to Chicago’s secret drinking society numero uno.

And that’s something you definitely want.


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