Pour Decisions

September 10, 2014 9:00 am

Time was, cocktails were simple.

Then cocktails got fancy — blame those mustachioed barmen in suspenders, with their barrel-ages and egg whites.

But should you have grown weary of that, we know a way to shake things up.

Introducing Liquor Lab, a rambling, members-only cocktail club, debuting next month and accepting members now.

Think of it as the ultimate cocktail party.

Secret locations. Private backrooms. Always fresh and never tired.

And a playground for the city’s best barkeeps. Liquor Lab has deep connections in the industry (which are understandably under wraps), so expect exclusive access and palate-pushing creations at every event.

As for memberships? Limited to 300.

You’ll need one to reserve a space for two (see: you and yours) at any of the secret gatherings throughout the year.

Details for the launch party will be announced soon, so we suggest you get in before word gets out.

Easy decision, we thinks.


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