Chicago | April 6, 2015 9:00 am

Dinner Party. Very Chic Dinner Party.

Elegant. Crafty. Tasty. Gold, we tells ya. Gold.

Dinner Party. Very Chic Dinner Party.
Alexis Buryk

There’s no such thing as the perfect date.

But it is possible to perfect the dinner date.

You will need: Delicious food. Intimate ambiance. Flawless setting.

Allow us to elaborate — what you need is Filigree Suppers, the rambling supper club with a serious appreciation for gourmet meals and locally made goods, limited tickets now available for their April get-together.

Hosted at everyone’s favorite photogenic East Village eatery The Winchester, Filigree prides itself in showcasing the work of local artisans and chefs in an impeccable dinner-party setting.

Think pop-up within a pop-up.

Cheffing this go-round: Avec alum and The Winchester’s own Greg Bastien. He’ll be whipping up dishes like clarified bone broth with lemon and ginger and crispy Moulard duck served in a red wine brandy duck jus.

As for the pop-up shop: easy-on-the-eye marble porcelain ceramics from Leah Ball and springtime greenery from Asrai Garden.

All lovely things worth coming out for.

Not to mention a beautifully appointed space with spring flora from Asrai.

And to top it all off, every guest goes home with a little party favor.