NYC’s Hottest Dinner Party Involves Naked Dining

Would you dine sans clothing?

How important are clothes to you when you're dining?
Ursula Gamez/Unsplash

Finding the right thing to wear for a dinner party can be challenging for even the most sartorially skilled among us. Locating the perfect balance between comfort and style is never easy. But if you’re heading to a certain dinner party gathering in New York City, you not have to worry about that age-old conundrum. That’s because the Füde Dinner Experience involves getting together with a bunch of like-minded strangers for a meal where you’ll all be naked.

On the plus side, if you spill some food while eating, there won’t be any concerns over getting a stain on your shirt.

An article at the New York Times has more details on the Füde Dinner Experience — and some insight as to what’s led people to take part in it. Model Charlie Ann Max created the series; her website abounds with a host of recipes, many of which are illustrated by unclothed models with strategically-placed serving dishes.

As the Times notes, Max has conducted a number of sans-clothing events in a few different disciplines; she also screens applicants beforehand, which seems like a must. Apparently, the dinner parties she’s held have all sold out, so there’s clearly an interest in giving this kind of dining a shot.

It’s not hard to see the popularity of naked dinner parties taken in tandem with an increasing interest in nudism, full stop. Max spoke about the appeal, for attendees, of feeling more comfortable in their own skin. If the right dinner party can make that happen, it sounds like time well spent.


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