Chicago | July 31, 2014 9:00 am

Best of July

By The Editors

The Top 19 Rooftop Bars of Chicago
Summertime Chi was made for drinking on rooftops. Question is which one. And where. Which is why we made a map of the best. Let it guide you like a spirituous North Star all summer long. Check it out.

Open This In Case of Emergency
Scout’s motto: Be prepared. And here’s how: with My Apocabox, a bi-monthly subscription of survival materials delivered straight to your door, curated by Indiana’s own Creek Stewart. Check it out.

You’ve Gotta See This Winnebago
Ah, yes, the Winnebago. Harbinger of open Midwestern roads. Symbol of spend-the-inheritence freedom. And now back with the 2015 Winnebago Brave. Throwback look, modern construction. Check it out.

Soho House Chicago Arrives
Soho House Chicago, that members-only club and hotel in the West Loop, opens August 11th. Hello private rooftop pool. If you forgot to submit your member’s app, you’ll wanna do that now. Check it out.

The 7 Restaurants You Should Know
For your edification, we created our first ever Dinner Plan Guide, a three-step itinerary to a damn good evening. Inside: plans for dining with your lady, chowing down on some ‘za with buds and hitting the city’s best ramen bar. Check it out.

This Yacht Was Made For You
Chi’s newest private charter yacht? The Elite, and it’s a beaut. Three bars over three decks. A patio skydeck with unobstructed views. Holds up to 150 guests comfortably. Check it out.