Arts & Entertainment | March 17, 2014 9:00 am

Street Sixteen

By The Editors

Slap hands! The brackets have arrived.

And with them, debate. Discussions. Passionate arguments while filling in what are, basically, tenuously reasoned Mad Libs.

So in the spirit of those inspired discussions, we offer Street Sixteen: the best basketball court dialogue scenes (from non-basketball movies*).

There are actually a lot of those.

At some point, the loafered poombas of Hollywood decided the basketball court is a place where everyday joes hash out their everyday joe issues. The characters have, in Hollywood terms, a “realization.”

Basketball, the metaphor.

Basketball, the playground polis.

So anyway, March Madness is here. Check out Street Sixteen.

Argue. Debate. Make wild predictions.

Say “I told you so” when one of them proves true on the merits of dumb coincidence.


*Except Hoosiers