Arts & Entertainment | November 16, 2017 9:00 am

Steven Soderbergh’s New HBO Show Lets You Choose the Adventure

You do not need HBO. You do need a smartphone.

They used to say it’s not TV, it’s HBO. Now, thanks to iconic director Steven Soderbergh, perhaps they’ll say it’s not mobile, it’s HBO.

Until recently networks made content to live on the television, aka the small screen, not made specifically for the really small screen of your phone. But with the younger generations spending more time on devices than in front of the tube, they’re rethinking that with content like Mosaic.

The show uses the interactive nature of a device to construct what could be the best choose-the-adventure narratives following the murder of a femme fatale played by Sharon Jones.

Choose-the-ending stories are always a bit half-hearted, but this one looks promising thanks to HBO-quality production, Soderbergh-level style and through and a cast of A-listers.

Bonus: you don’t need to be an HBO subscriber to get it, just download to your phone and watch away.