Arts & Entertainment | October 3, 2014 9:00 am

Meanwhile Elsewhere

By The Editors

Because you don’t have time to find your horizons (let alone broaden them), we give you Meanwhile Elsewhere: InsideHook’s essential guide to cultural happenings for the month. And be sure to check out our slideshow, where you’ll find even more culture picks, as well as our Spotify playlist of new music.

LISTEN: Foxygen

The buzzy SoCal duo almost broke up before releasing their latest album, …And Star Power, full of organ-drenched psychedelica, noise rock and easy listening. If you dig Beck, the Flaming Lips or hallucinatory classic rock, you’re in for nice 82-minute ride. For more tunes, check out our Spotify playlist.

READ: Thug Kitchen

The foul-mouthed cooking blog delivers its first cookbook, a straightforward but eminently useful guide to healthy (and yes, vegan) cooking. Sample instructions: “The edges [of the tofu] should start to look a little burnt; that’s the right way to do it, so just calm the f*** down.” More picks this way.

WATCH: John Wick

A throwback action flick with style: a retired hit man seeks bloody vengeance after his dog is murdered by Russian mobsters. Keanu Reeves pulls off the Liam Neeson-ish “man with a very particular set of skills” role with a quiet fury, and the flick is as much Drive cool as it is Jack Reacher beat ‘em up. Want more flicks? For more flicks, check out our fall movie guide.

BUY: Boombot Rex 20th Anniversary Wu-Tang Edition
The famed Staten Island hip-hop collective is selling its 20th anniversary album A Better Tomorrow embedded within a portable Bluetooth speaker. One caveat: only 3,000 units are available. A physical release is coming later on this year … and there’s still that other, single copy secret Wu-Tang album.