Arts & Entertainment | July 3, 2014 9:00 am

Meanwhile Elsewhere

By The Editors

Because you don’t have time to find your horizons (let alone broaden them), we give you Meanwhile Elsewhere: InsideHook’s essential guide to cultural happenings for the month. And be sure to check out our slideshow with even more culture picks.

WATCH: Boyhood

Richard Linklater’s unique, time-stamped family drama follows a divorced couple (Ethan Hawke, Patricia Arquette) and their son over a 12-year period. Literally. Linklater and the cast shot the film for a few weeks every year starting in 2002. Audacious stuff, and it works. Plus, as the titular “boy,” newcomer Ellar Coltrane is a breakout star. In theaters July 11th. More picks this way.

READ: The Making of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001

Taschen’s released a four-volume tribute to 2001 that arrives in a black metal slip case — the iconic monolith, as it were. Inside, you’re immersed in every facet of the film’s production: stills, notes, original screenplay, interviews and more. Grab one of only 1,500 made. Out now. P.S., typography geeks: feast your peepers on this exploration of 2001’s fonts. More picks this way.

LISTEN: Put This In Your Ear

How about an hour+ of fantastic new music? Our July Spotify playlist features a combo of veteran rockers making big returns (Tom Petty, Ryan Adams, Spoon) and more than a few up-and-comers: Jungle, Racing Glaciers, July Talk (pictured above). Pair it with The Set Listener, a new Spotify app that recreates recent setlists from bands on tour. More picks this way.