Arts & Entertainment | July 8, 2014 9:00 am

Bird in Hand

By The Editors

On the subject of monogamy, your correspondent’s old man once quipped, “Most times a short story’s enough, but sometimes you’re in the mood for a novel.”

So, too, when looking at naked women.

For your novel-length pleasure, turn your eyes to Fifty Two, a new book of nudes by self-portraitist Finch Linden.

Finch is a local gal, so this is regional-seasonal, farm-to-table nudity.

In concept, Fifty Two is a year’s worth of nude self portraits — one for each week of 2013.

In execution, it’s simply a gorgeous collection of photos of stunning Bay Area (and beyond) settings embellished with a little flesh.

The effect is personal and compelling.

Like a novel should be.

Surrounding each portrait you’ll find context for the shoot, pics of surrounding nature and often the friends Finch brought along to “keep an eye out while I’m putting my butt on stuff.”

If the subject looks familiar, it’s because she’s gracing the cover of the newest issue of BelleSf.

The book’s 8″x8″, looks good on a coffee table and comes with a digital copy for your instant gratification.

Plus there’s her Tumblr. And Instagram. And Flickr.

Because long reads are nice and all, but this is the Internet.