Architecture & Real Estate | July 4, 2016 10:00 am

This Ecolodge Rotates 360 Degrees to Follow Sun, Provide Best Scenery

(Cepo Verde)

When it comes to ecolodges, the Portuguese certainly get points for design. At campsite Cepo Verde in Bragança, Portugal, visitors can reserve nights in a micro-lodge, which manually rotates 360 degrees to follow the sun and provide its occupants with the best possible landscape views. This isn’t your average bare-bones tent in the woods, though. It comes complete with a bed, table, power outlet, and storage space. Created by Cepo Verde and design firm NeoArkétipo, the cabin is available for about $30-$40, depending on the season, for two people. Take a look at the exterior and interior of the cabin below, and at the bottom, watch a short video about it.

(Cepo Verde) (Cepo Verde) (Cepo Verde) (Cepo Verde) (Cepo Verde)