Advice | December 29, 2016 9:00 am

The Best Of New York, 2016 Edition

Helicopters, gadgets and gorgeous women. Let's review.

I once had a friend that said of art: “[It] is for the inherently wealthy or the eternally destitute. There’s very little middle ground; either you have the ability to do it or you’re willing to starve for it.”

That’s New York in 2016: she may beat the pulpy, bloody hell out of you, but she’ll have you coming back for more.

From dangling our feet out of a helicopter to the city’s best sandwiches, from sci-fi store openings to a book full of women literally f*cking New York, here are all the best people, places and things we covered in 2016. 

Cheers gents — you’re the Warhol to our Sedgwick. 

Happy New Year, and beyond. 

All hail the sandwich!
Long live the art of the sandwich. Neighborhood by neighborhood, we scoured the city this year for all the best eats between sliced bread for our Book Of Sandwich, Vols. 1-4. The competition was fierce — every ‘hood has its pride, opinions and grilled onions — but we cut through the chaff to deliver you the best cheeses, meats and spreadable eats Manhattan’s delis and diners could mustard muster.

Where the chefs eats … and cheaply
It’s one thing to bring you the best chefs in the city. We went a step further — and asked those chefs where they grub down on their off days. It’s called The Eat Index, and it’s your guide to the best chow you can find without selling the ranch, from those who would, should and do know. 

One coffee, hold the coffeehouse
You want a coffee? Yeah you do. We got your coffee right here, but served up the places you’d least expect it. Think menswear shops, motorcycle emporia, hotels and beyond.

Ladies know best
Remember that scene in A Christmas Story when Ralphy uses his decoder ring to unveil a message from a “crummy comerical”? In a perfect world, there would be a decoder ring for fiugring out what women want. But there’s not. What we can offer is this: a consortium of  Real, Live, Sex-having Women who appear on our site monthly to tell you what they’re into and — more importantly — what they hate.

A book called F*cking New York
Only this fair(ish) city could breed a “coffeetable book” filled with women getting to know its pretty, gritty city streets — in the biblical sense.

Fifteen NYC Gyms, Decoded
Where’s the best gym to meet a lady? Or get fit quick? Or close a deal? Or hit the weights at some ungodly hour thinkable only to New Yorkers? Right here, in our compendium of NYC workout facilities, as categorized by the type of gymgoers who graze there.

Clothes and Personal: Todd Snyder
Easiest way to start dressing better? Ask someone who knows better than you. Todd Snyder is one such man we know, so we asked him 13 questions about what he keeps in his closet.

No mean feet
We live in a time when quality and convenience have collided in unprecedented ways. At the crossroads: Paul Evans, where fine Italian leather meets the Warby Parker model


Listen up!
Maybe you still do Apple. No harm, no foul. But if you’re looking for an alternative to the fallen Rome of tech, this year brought it in troves in the form of immersive Samsung, Sonos and the lovely Devialet flagships. 

Get the heck out of here
Recall that Warby Parker model for leather? It exists for luggage too. 

Such great heights
Because the city jut looks so peaceful when your legs are literally dangling out of a helicopter

Onward and upward, gentlemen.

We’ll see you in 2017.