Rhone Apparel

Life, they say, isn’t a track meet. It’s a marathon.

Or maybe, life is a highway — aaaaand we just put that song in your head. Sorry.

Whatever your racing analogy, dress appropriately. Ergo: Rhone Apparel, selling high-end athletic wares now.

RhoneRhones’s athletic shirts, shorts and pants are constructed, in part, from AG47 military tech, a fancy bit of gobbledygook that means silver threading that kills sweat bacteria, initially developed by the military for soldiers in Iraq.

The details are nice: A media pocket on the shorts. Mesh panels for venting. Silicon gel on the drawstring to keep things tied nicely.

And, for added testosterone: each pair is named after manly-man cultural icons from Fight Club (the Durden shirt), Gladiator (Meridius long sleeves) and Bullitt (er, Bullitt shorts).

The results: in our tests, this is lightweight, durable and nicely fitting gear (and affordable) that you can wear around town without, as the founders say, “looking like a meathead.”

Or smelling like one.