The Cocktail Quarterly

By The Editors
February 26, 2013 9:00 am
InsideHook Cocktail Quarterly Guide Winter
Persephone Thorn-Hauswirth

Ecclesiastes famously wrote “to everything there is a season.”

To which we respond, highball in hand, “to every season there is a cocktail.”

In fact, to every season there are several cocktails. And we’ve gone ahead and compiled them for you.

Behold, InsideHook’s first-ever Cocktail Quarterly, a handy recipe guide to the soul-warming libations we’ve been enjoying over the past season, courtesy of NYC’s most talented tipplers. 

InsideHook Quarterly Cocktail Guide Winter

Some you’ll recognize from our weekly “Happiest Hour” series on Facebook, with the occasional curveball thrown in for good measure. 

Either way, the goal’s to keep that ice from gettin’ dry.

Happy imbibing,


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