Course Play

By The Editors
April 10, 2013 9:00 am

“Don’t play with your food.”

At some point, we’ve all heard it. Many of us have graduated to saying it.

At your next dinner party, it’s time to ignore it.

Introducing Pinch Plated, the just-launched dinner party experience from Pinch Food Design.

Plated brings all the inspired oddities of Pinch’s large catered parties to smaller groups.

We’re talking charcuterie clipboards.

Self-serve cocktail walls with booze dispensed via turkey baster.

Or wheelbarrows doubling as raw bars.

You can even have sushi “tuna cans” featuring a “micro salad” you trim with miniature scissors.

The dinner party comprises six set “intercourses,” but Pinch is happy to incorporate any of their outrageous concepts into the mix.

They do everything from weddings to corporate soirees.

Because who doesn’t want a donut umbrella?

Postscript: Rob Lowe would like a word with you. The actor and part-time jetpacker is curating our LA edition, and he’s got one word for you: “cheeseburgers.” Check his picks out here.


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