Is Your Private Info on the Dark Web? One Way to Find Out.

Credit cards, SSNs, d*ck pics — they've got 'em

September 21, 2016 9:00 am

The dark web, wherever and whatever the hell it actually is, sounds like the kind of place you don’t want your personal info, no matter how trivial, to end up.

Sadly, due to data breaches, hackers or clandestine sex toys, your info might already be there.

And that’s where a new service from Terbium Labs, a data intelligence and cybersecurity firm that counts Reuters and IBM as clients, comes into play. The Matchlight service is an automated data intelligence system that essentially acts as a web crawler and sifts through the web and dark web hoping to find compromised or stolen data. 

Fully private, Matchlight will alert a user as soon as it comes across a piece of sensitive info.

“Even the most robust security can’t stop all of today’s sophisticated attacks and insider threats,” says Terbium COO Tyler Carbone. “We believe automating intelligence gathering is the key to minimizing the damage caused by a data breach.”

While business users have to pay for the service, individuals now have the opportunity to begin monitoring up to five records (social security number, work email, name of your favorite superhero) per month for free.

We recommend signing up and, while you’re at it, put some tape on that webcam, too.

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