Watch This American Hero Convert a Filing Cabinet Into a Secret Meat Smoker

Man, Josh. Your cubicle smells AMAZING.

August 4, 2016 9:00 am

Filing cabinets: those things you use to store “important” papers you’re literally never going to look at ever again.

Kind of a waste, when you think about it.

Unless you’re Mississippi man Joshua McIntyre, in which case you convert your filing cabinet into an epic meat-smoking apparatus and then share it with the world via a Facebook video called, simply, “My File Cabinet Is On Fire.”

Prima facie, this looks like your run-of-the-mill manila folder filer. But open the top two drawers et voila: glistening trays of steaming chicken wings and ribs marinating in a bed of juice, stock and sticky red sauce.

By installing a water-filled steam pan above a simmering stack of coals in the bottom two drawers, McIntyre has essentially converted a piece of office furniture into the perfect backyard slow-cooker.

See for yourself below — just beware the NSFW language and immediate onset of hunger pangs. And if the video gets you feeling all DIY, we were able to track down some step-by-step instructions  for making a Staples-themed smoker of your own. 


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