Alexa Can Now Tell You When You’ve Had Too Much to Drink

How's the saying go, everything in moderation?

November 21, 2017 9:00 am

Your hangover routine is about to get a hi-tech makeover. 

Yes, you’ll still want chug a couple cans of LaCroix, chow down on something spicy and check last night’s camera roll … but now, you can check exactly how much you tossed back, thanks to Alexa. 

Amazon Echo’s personal assistant can now connect with an app called “My Alcohol Tracker,” which asks users to set weekly beer and booze goals, and report back on consumption. The premise comes from a very serious source — Cancer Research UK — which hopes to limit risks of certain cancers by encouraging moderate drinking habits. 

The initiative’s goal is to shorten the gap between everyday health and everyday technology. And to that end, Alexa responds with data and tips on your weekly consumption, and she’ll even get snappy. In a video showcasing the product, Alexa responds to one lady, “your drinks this week contain 738 calories. That’s the same as three doughnuts.”

Also: thanks to the Echo’s on-the-go capability, it’s possible to update your drinks list while out at a bar. All you gotta do is talk directly into your phone. 

We suggest holding up on that ’till the morning.

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