5 New Year’s Resolutions. Pick One.

Five resolutions we can totally help you with

By The Editors
December 26, 2014 9:00 am

This year, don’t make it so easy to disappoint yourself. Below, a few highly achievable resolutions — and how we recommend you carry them out — in 2014.

I resolve to get in shape. Please.

You’re in luck. Couple reasons why:

  1. Popular heart rate-monitoring workout Orange Theory is accepting members for a January opening. You will lose weight. Trust.

  2. The stationary cyclesmiths at Peloton let you spin on your watch, without the club music and pseudo-inspirational cult-y whackjobbery. 

  3. Lululemon is opening a first ever men’s gear shop with custom gym shorts.

  4. Or you could just do like our Style Director (the guy writing this) and sign up to get punched in the face a bunch of times.

I resolve to get out of the city more

A new and handsome upstate auberge seems to open every week, though we’re partial to The Arnold House and The Graham & Co. Gorgeous Hamptons rentals still abound if you know where to look, and we’ve launched our 4 Hour Rule travel series for heading farther afield — so keep an eye out.

I resolve to streamline my work life

Start by taking basic life BS off the table with a minion-for-hire from Alfred. Then get your computer life firing on all eight cylinders with a couple key program upgrades. Then sit back and enjoy your ascent up the status-symbol ladder.

I resolve to dress better. In pants, maybe.

To start, get yourself a handsome pair of boots, a statement coat and a few ties that’ll help you stand out. If you’re really feeling bold, throw a tattoo into the mix. When all else fails, listen to our Style Director. Or better yet, email him/me at style@insidehook.com.

Screw it, maybe I’ll just resolve to drink more.

Good man. Happiest Hour is our new favorite cocktail bar in the city, hands down. NoMad Bar and Evening Bar are great for canoodles. And Copper and Oak is whiskey Xanadu. To keep abreast of NYC’s best watering hole openings each month? Look no further than our Table Stakes roundup.

Oh, and to help that hangover, you could do worse than a RESQWATER and/or a visit from The Hangover Club.

Nota bene: Don’t just blithely go about resolutin’ all over the place. Know the science. We recommend The Science Behind New Year’s Resolutions and Don’t Talk About Your New Year’s Resolutions.

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