A Guide to NYC Ink

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  • Bang Bang

    Realism, pure and simple. If you want a tattoo that looks like a photograph, this is your guy.

    Where to find him: 328 Broome Street (b/w Bowery and Chrystie)


  • Mike Rubendall

    Rubendall specializes in irezumi, a style of decorative tattoo popularized by the yakuza in early 20th-century Japan. Full body suits can take 1-5 years of weekly visits to complete. Go big or go home.

    Where to find him: Kings Avenue Tattoo, 188 Bowery (b/w Spring and Kenmare)


  • Mark Cross

    Traditional American military ink, a la Sailor Jerry. Broad strokes. Deep blacks. Bold colors. Good for individual pieces or an addition to a sleeve.

    Where to find him: Greenpoint Tattoo, 131 Meserole Ave. (corner of Leonard and Meserole)


  • Minka Sicklinger

    Russian prison tats with Native American flourishes. Good for large stand-alone pieces.

    Where to find her: East Side Ink, 97 Avenue B (b/w 6th and 7th)


  • Gene Coffey

    Want a tattoo that looks like a watercolor painting? Here's your guy.

    Tattoo Culture, 129 Roebling St. (b/w N. 4th and 5th)


  • Bradley Teitelbaum

    This style is called trashpolka. As defined by our (ink-bearing) visual designer: "a collage of geometric patterns and painterly renderings of objects."

    Where to find him: White Rabbit Tattoo Studio121 Essex Street (b/w Rivington and Delancey)


  • Duke Riley

    You know Duke from his subway art. His skin art is in the same vein: landscapes and tableaux done in the style of 19th-century printmaking.

    Where to find him: East River Tattoo1047 Manhattan Ave (b/w Eagle and Freeman)

  • Grez

    Looking for some traditional American inkonography? Grez is tough to beat. Sailor tats with a little more detail than is typical of the style.

    Where to find him: Kings Avenue Tattoo, 188 Bowery (b/w Spring and Kenmare)

  • Thomas Hooper

    Eastern patterns punched up with Western motifs (skeletons, feathers). Black and grey only. Works best for sleeves or large-scale pieces.

    Where to find him: Saved Tattoo426 Union Ave (b/w Metropolitan and Devoe)