Stuck at the Airport? There’s a Private Jet With Your Name On It.

Jetsmarter wants to fill empty seats with stranded travelers

August 25, 2016 9:00 am

The best part about flying on a private jet isn’t the cushy seats, tasty drinks or top-notch service.

It’s the TSA check-in, or lack thereof.

So more travelers can take advantage of TSA’s relaxed requirements for private flights, JetSmarter just launched an in-app that alerts delayed travelers stuck in commercial airports about available seats on one of the company’s nearby private planes.

After booking an open seat, JetSmarter sends a limo to pick you up and then hustles you through the security and bag-check process is less than 15 minutes.

“We do it in a very harmonious, customer friendly way,” JetSmarter CEO Sergey Petrossov told The Observer. “We only ask you to open the bag if the dogs (get) a hit. That reinforces the value.”

The JetSmarter app’s geotagging and booking service is available in cities like Boston, Dallas, New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Las Vegas and Los Angeles, and you can request the app here.

Go jet it.

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