The Six People You Must Tip This Year

Don't Scrooge this up.

By The Editors
December 10, 2014 9:00 am

“If you can’t afford to tip, reconsider your lifestyle.”

Wise words from a man your correspondent knows well.

Translation: the holidays are no time to be churlish.

You wouldn’t walk out of a restaurant leaving just enough money to cover the bill, and you shouldn’t walk out of 2014 without showing your appreciation to the folks who help you every day.

Thusly we’ve created The Gentleman’s Essential Holiday Tipping Guide, a handy cheat sheet to direct your yuletide gratuities.

But first, ye old pro forma:

Generosity (or the lack thereof) is a habit. If you don’t give when you’re lean, chances are you won’t give when you’re flush. Start the habit now.

Holiday tipping is a range. Where your tips fall depends on your relationship to the person and their service. Take a moment to reflect before deciding.

Even those you don’t normally tip could use a personalized card or small, thoughtful gift. Such gestures are the mark of a classy chap and help to ensure you’re spoken of fondly at your funeral.

Finally, don’t make a big show of it. A “thanks so much for everything” and appreciative nod is all you need.

Now go forth and spread holiday cheer.

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