45 Items Every Bugout Bag Needs

According to the dapperest doomsday planner we know

August 8, 2017 9:00 am

Blair Lucio made his first bugout bag for his girlfriend.

“She works in an old building downtown,” he says. “And the fire marshal told them that they should have one because if an earthquake hits downtown, they’d likely be trapped.”

Blair owns General Quarters, a men’s store on the design-forward stretch of La Brea in Los Angeles. He made hers to include some running shoes, athletic clothes, dried food, water, a flashlight, radio, first aid kit, ATAK tire thumper (for light and self defense) and walkie talkies.

Amused by the exercise, he decides to make one for himself. “I’m a hoarder for gear,” he says. “I love doing this.”

While hers was about getting out and going home, his is more engineered for an evacuation. And he insisted on one fold: as is the case with General Quarters, nearly everything in his bag must be made in America.

What’s inside will insulate you not only from garden-variety natural disasters, but full-blown end times. And damn if isn’t stylish — though that’s just incidental.

The Bags
You’ll need a bag that can last, well, forever, in the worst-case scenario. The three below are made in the States, engineered to take a beating and comfy to boot.

Topo Klettersack Ballistic Nylon: Easy on the shoulders and capable of handling some seirous weight.
Filson Medium Duffle: Tough but handsome.  
Topo for toiletries and maps: It’s these smaller bags that’ll keep your sh*t organized — and that’ll save you vital seconds in a disaster scenario.

The Weaponry
Guns: it’s better have them and not need them than to need them and not have them. Before arming yourself, educate yourself with a Close Quarters Defense course at the Sports Academy. This will teach how to use a gun, as well as how to not have to use a gun.

Sig Sauer P226: The same one used by the Navy SEALs.
1959 Winchester Trench Shotgun: More for hunting than self defense, though it’ll get the job done regardless.
SOG SEAL Pup Knife: It’s designed after the knife that was used by U.S. special forces in the Vietnam War.

The Tactical Gear
These are the items you’re probably not thinking about that could prove essential in a survival situation.

Ka-bar Breacher Bar: First responders use it to break open jammed windows and doors.
VSSL Survival Tube: Loaded with a compass, fishing line, water purification tablets and more.
Northbound Trail First Aid Kit (2): You won’t get far without some medical know-how.
Leatherman: Like a toolbox that fits in your pocket.
Superior Four-way Sillcoc: Your waterkey for turning off/on water or gas pipes.
MTM Case-Gard Dry Box: Where you keep your extra first-aid kit.
Maglite: If you want it to last, go for the LED.  
SOG Shovel: To help you dig a latrine.
SOG Tactical Tomahawk: For chopping wood, clearing brush or attacking zombies.
General Quarters Beanie: To keep your head warm when the electricity goes out.
100 Deadly Skills Survival Edition: Meet your new bible.
Playing Cards: To keep you occupied.

Not pictured
Suunto Compass / Sea To Summit waterproof pouch / Grabber Space brand emergency blanket / Tom Harrison Maps / Flexible wire saw / Duct Tape / Survival Matches / Coghlans Signal Mirror / Coghlans Fire Sticks / Whistle / Nylon Utility Cord / Solo Scientific Aurora First Starter / Blistermedic / Surefire Flashlight

The Pantry
You’ll need water, food and toiletries. This isn’t the Oregon Trail, so you probably won’t be felling 5,000 lbs. of bison meat every couple days.

Nalgene Military Canteen: Made in the U.S. and fits neatly in the bag.

Not pictured
Finex Cast iron skillet / SnowPeak stove / Snow Peak Fork-Spoon set / The Survival Tabs  / Wise Company Freeze-Dried Food / The Guardian Water purifier / Aquamira Water Treatment Tabs / Military Can Opener / Coleman Campers Toilet Paper / Hoo-Ahhs Field Towels  / Sea to Summit Soap Leaves / Sea To Summit Microfiber Towel / GSI outdoors Sanitation Trowel

If you’re in L.A. — or visiting anytime soon — Lucio is setting up a special section in General Quarters for prepared living featuring many of the items listed above. It’s your go-to destination for gifts for handsome gents who are also prepared for the inevitable.

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