Sex in the Mail

Quick tip on the topic of “special occasions”:

They’re not limited to anniversaries. Or birthdays. Or vacations.

No. A special occasion is whenever you want it to be. Show some spontaneity. Come home bearing gifts.

Like anything from Curriculum Vitae, a just-launched NYC concern peddling the luxury unmentionables you need in your bedroom, like, right now.

Designed and crafted right here in the Apple, CV’s got elegantly deviant lingerie ranging from sheer onesies to, well, this coronary-inducing getup.

Where they’re really killing it though is their “Pleasure” category, with such finds as silver and white diamond body chains, leather wristcuffs that double as a chic bracelet and at least one rose gold vibrator necklace.

Basically, the kind of stuff she’ll be surprised and delighted you even know exists.

Plus a couples “Bare Essentials Kit” that’s essentially a post-coital pleasure coma in a box.

And as if they’ve not done enough for you, CV also proffers their “Secret Diary,” the most gloriously NSFW tumblr we’ve run across in some time.

So go on, make it a special occasion tonight.

Nota bene: Should you need additional guidance, CV also offers private shopping consultations with one of their “Sexperts” at a location of your choosing. Just sign up and tell ‘em InsideHook sent you.

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