On-Demand Workspaces You Can Rent by the Hour

Meet Breather, it’s basically Zipcar for getting sh*t done

April 28, 2016 9:00 am

These days, the prevailing attitude towards work is that of being open and free.

Open-plan office layouts. Coworking spaces. Shared everything.

Some of us, though, still prefer to hustle in peace and quiet.

That’s why there’s Breather, the service that gives you access to clean and private by-the-hour workspaces in the city, just launched and now taking reservations.

Think of it as the perfect compromise: it’s mobile and coworking-friendly, but offers safe and sound privacy when you need it the most.

All you gotta do is download the app. Then it’s as simple as finding an available Breather space (there are currently six locations in Chicago with more coming soon) and booking it. Rent anywhere from 30 minutes to the whole day.

They’re basically well-appointed pseudo-residences with snappy WiFi, comfy furniture and plenty of outlets to host a working crowd and then some.

And it’s not necessarily exclusive to “work.” Drop in for a nap. Use it as a waypoint. A place to take a long, mindful minute. Breather spaces are made to be as flexible as you are.

The possibilities are endless.

Work it, man. Work it.

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