Best of September

Bare bums, hot leather, and more. Let's review.

By The Editors
September 25, 2015 9:00 am

Naughty Vintage Art for Sale
When it comes to buying erotic art, no maxim is more useful than “A little dab’ll do ya.” Should you insist, though, allow us to suggest the collection of vintage and artsy nudes at Oakland “adult gallery” Feelmore. Check it out.

This Watch. Your Wrist. No Brainer.
DSPTCH celebrates its fifth anniversary this year, and to do so, they’re partnering with a selection of brands on one-off, limited-edition projects. The Combat B25 is the first, and it is magnificent. Check it out.

A Jacket to Make a Grown Man Weep
The Platonic ideal of leather jackets is now available for preorder, courtesy of S.F. sportswear brand Golden Bear. If you were looking for an early holiday present for yourself, this is, without question, it. Check it out.

Busy Guys, Inquire Within 
Inside: a laundry list of resources to help you be a more productive employee, husband, father and man. The apps. The books. Words of wisdom from some of the most successful guys we know. And way more. Check it out.

Rugged Jeans. Fair Price.
San Francisco, being a city of connoisseurs, has no shortage of smart denim shops. These are cheaper than the ones you’ll find there, and made with the same quality Japanese, sanforized, selvedge denim — at under $100. Check it out.

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