Our 10 Favorite New York Stories of 2018

Adventure, weed, beer and bespoke. We did it all.

December 31, 2018 9:00 am

We came, we saw, we compressed everything into digestible bites of digital media for your daily perusal.

This year had some high highs (read: a monthly tech meetup for tokers). It also had some low lows (as in: a concert series in the catacombs).

You’ll find those and more among our 10 favorites stories of 2018.

Here’s hoping for all good things in the year to come.

The Mark Hotel

Our 16 Favorite Hotels in New York, and the Best Use Case for Each
From a last-minute deal that’s literally called “one night stand” to a hotel that ferries you about town in vintage cabs, these hotels are solid excuses — er, reasons — to never leave the city.

The Eastwind Hotel and Bar

The Four-Hour Rule: Eastwind
Fireside s’mores, sunset bike rides and Scandinavian sauna-ing through the night: this new retreat — just a stone’s throw away — nailed it.


New Yorkers Teach Us How to Perfect the Art of Small Talk
From dinner parties to networking events to cab rides, being competent at idle chit-chat is a skill every New Yorker needs. So we tapped a bartender, cabbie, publicist and more to get some expert knowledge on how to break the ice and when to bow out politely.

Plan Bee Farm Brewery

5 Hudson Valley Breweries That Merit a Weekend Pilgrimage
Beer vacations. With quaint hotels and hiking trails. You’re welcome.

Roula Cycling

New York’s 9 Best Bike Rides, According to the Pros
No better way to see the city and beyond than traversing its many wonders on two wheels. So we hit up some local cycling aficionados for their favorite rides.

Green-Wood catacombs

Summer Concert Series in the Catacombs, If You Dare
Since its inception, we’ve considered the Crypt Sessions to be an under-the-radar, bucket list-worthy New York affair. And the spooky symphony continued to impress in 2018, expanding to the fabled catacombs beneath the Green-Wood Cemetery.

Michael Andrews

One of NYC’s Best Tailors Just Introduced a Bespoke Denim Shop
Michael Andrews has long been ranked high in NY’s bespoke suiting hierarchy. The quality is on point, the pretentiousness that often accompanies luxury menswear, non-existent. Naturally, this made him the ideal tailor to try his hand at perfectly fitted denim.

Cannagather Is NYC’s New Tech Meetup for Weed
If you’re not investing — or thinking about investing — in the future of cannabis, get ready to be jealous of the some 200+ attendees that show to this monthly meetup, where power players from the nascent industry stop by for product demos, structured talks, Q&As and a very mellow after party.


The Man Behind the World’s Coolest Slipper Names His 7 Men’s Essentials
It’s no secret that we’re long-time fans of Mickey Ashmore and his soft, sophisticated Turkish slipper brand, Sabah. He’s now got a permanent shop on Bleecker, and we stopped by to ask him about the gear every man needs in his closet — along with the things you should think about tossing.

Nick Potash

Nick Potash Makes Bespoke, Heirloom Jewelry for Modern-Day Pirates
There are people who love their craft, and then there are people who create a newfound craft all their own. Potash is the latter, hand-engraving Rolexes with intricate patterns that look fit for commandeering a ship on the high seas.


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