5 Exceptional Bay Area Co-Working Spaces

Actually, we lied. One is in Bali.

April 12, 2018 9:00 am

Fact: Your neighborhood coffeeshop is not a great place to launch your career.

Ditto your couch.

Ditto any bar taping up signs that say, “There’s no wifi here, so pretend it’s 1993 and talk to each other.”

What to do?

Invest, in one of these five superior co-working spaces, which offer everything from Herman Miller office furniture and Blue Bottle coffee to an onsite tap room.

Oh and did we mention the bedroom in Bali for when you’re really ready to check out?

canopy (4 images)

Space: Canopy

Sample chat-up line: “I definitely need to get one of these Juiceros for the Tahoe cabin.”

The deal: Are you rich, but not so rich you can rent, like, your own office? Welcome to Canopy, the co-working space co-founded by Yves Behar, Amir Mortazavi and Steve Mohebi. It’ll cost you (upwards of about $1900 for a private office), but you’ll be repaid in Blue Bottle coffee, Herman Miller office furniture, and a concierge-like staff.

roam (4 images)

Space: Roam

Sample chat-up line: “Who’s up for a visa run to my ashram in Kolkata???”

The deal: With locations in Ubud, Miami, Tokyo, London, and (yes) S.F., plus new ones in Berlin and London on the way, Roam wants to be the go-to co-living spot for digital nomads who don’t mind shelling out behind $1800 and $3200 a month for a room, shared kitchen, and social calendar. You can probably (read: definitely) find a cheaper room, but if you’re looking for an instant-community, Roam is a compelling option. (Read February’s big New York Times piece for more.)

rework (3 images)

Space: WeWork

Sample chat-up line: “WeWork has a $20 billion valuation and if we work hard, so will we!

The deal: There are no fewer than 16 WeWorks in the Bay Area (13 in S.F., one in Oakland, one in San Jose, and one in Berkeley), with monthly rates for a private office ranging from a princely $1400 in the Saleforce Tower to a downright economical $580 at Valley Towers in San Jose. Or just opt for a hot desk above the Montgomery BART for $500. You already know if you like the WeWork vibe or not; we find it generally irresistible, in the sense that we try to resist it and fail.

covo (2 images)

Space: Covo

Sample chat-up line: “Should we have this meeting with beer?”

The deal: A beautiful space with a greater-than-average number of options for fortifying oneself, with alcohol or caffeine. Your own desk will run you $569 a month; drop some walls around it, and your bill goes up to $819. This is a strong option for part-time co-workers, given the $4-an-hour rate.

Space: Eco-Systm

Sample chat-up line: “I’d like to be your David Choe.”

The deal: Perhaps the arty-est of our local co-working spaces, Eco-Systm partners with the neighboring Mirus Gallery to show off new and emerging artists and has hosted events like TECH Fashion Week, which explored “retailing in the age of artificial intelligence.” Accordingly, there’s a solid mix of interests among members—and more cross-pollination of ideas as well.


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