Zip It

By The Editors
June 11, 2012 9:00 am

With summer comes challenging questions: What kind of adventure will the whole family enjoy? Will the kids have their face in a Nintendo the whole time? Would they notice if I shoved them out of a large tree?

Answer the latter affirmatively, and exhilarate the entire family, with a ride on Crested Butte’s Zipline Tours.

[callout]…. zips you down at a cheeks-flapping 30mph[/callout]

Opening for the season June 16th, this first-of-its-kind treetop canopy tour starts off at 9,300 feet — only a few thousand below skydiving altitude — and speedily zips you down at a cheeks-flapping 30mph.

The Ewok Village-esque canopy course includes five different platforms, with lines running 120-400 feet, each connected by swaying wooden bridges and towering trees.

No worries, the touring is eminently safe: Ziplining requires neither athletic ability nor youth, so outside of a few modest health requirements (like weighing less than 250 lbs.), the “sport” is suitable for all ages. Each run through costs $56, and takes about one hour.

When you tire of zipping, Crested Butte offers several other family-friendly activities, including a 25-mile bike course, bungee trampolines and even a weeklong bluegrass fest.

Because nothing says extreme family fun like a banjo jam.


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